The BIG 2 !!!

Anika and Kordula are 2! (Quote: "I pitty, I two" = I'm pretty, I'm two)

It seems like yesterday that they were these tiny squirts, born at 31 weeks.

And now they are so big already, and most importantly, healthy. Time just flies when you are busy and having fun :-)

We did not have a big party for them this year: none of our family is around at this time and they don't really have friends they hang out with yet ;-) So, just the five of us, we went to the local petting zoo in the morning, to lunch at a restaurant (which is VERY rare for us) and we had a lovely afternoon at home. To go to the petting zoo was perfect, because of all the baby animals that are around right now, the kids had fun petting them and just running around. I wish, it would have been a little warmer, but I guess for Michigan you cannot expect more than the 50 degrees that we had.

And did I mention that I attempted to only have handmade gifts for them?! I almost succeeded. The only thing, I didn't make was one of the doll cribs (the other one I didn't make either, but I refurbished an old antique one). So, here is a list and some pictures of all the things I made for them:

Spring Jackets

Birthday Crowns (there is a great tutorial and pattern over here)

Birthday Outfits (reversible skirt and pinafore top)

Doll Quilt and Pillow

Crochet Playfood (nice diet so far, isn't it ;-))

Birthday Banner

Little Flower Purses


Brooke said...

that crochet diet looks suspiciously like my real diet! :-)

nerida said...

Hey congratulations to YOU for making it to two!

What a great day they had and a fantastic job of the handmade presents :)

They will have such great memories of what you created for them!

Happy Together said...

lol. That is a great diet :) I'm going to add carrots to my list too!


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