Time for something NEW, something FRESH...

Seems like I have been absent from blogging for ages!!! But, it was really only a week; a busy week. With all my focus being on finishing the preparations for my girls' "totally-handmade-birthday" over the past months, I have neglected my Etsy Shop for a loooong time.

So, it was time to come up with something new and exciting. Over the past week I have been sewing away on drawstring backpacks

and headbands.

And I must say I have been having a lot of fun.

With the headbands I started after making one for Yanic's friend as a birthday gift and she really, really liked it. And, seriously, nobody can expect me to stop after just one...

And the backpacks came to mind, after John and I decided that soon it will be time to send the girls to Daycare. And, of course, that has to happen In Style!

I, especially, like making the bags. Every single one is different. It never gets boring.

The backpacks and headbands are now available in my store. There is also a Welcome Spring! Sale going on im my store right now. 10% off everything and just for my Bloggy Friends I am offering free shipping within the US and to Canada (50% off everywhere else) now through Wednesday, March 25th. You must mention "Welcome Spring" in the notes to seller during check-out in order to take advantage of this offer.

Next on my crafty list are some Easter Baskets.


Miss Mari said...

You are so talented! I love your products!

nerida said...

I love the design appliques and crochet on those bags! The snail is awesome!

Can never have too many headbands I say...

urban craft said...

I love the little owls, so cute!


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