We are going on VACATION...

... oh my, you have no idea how much I need one. I am counting the days now! Two weeks of sun, beach, ocean, pool, Twilight Saga, kids playing happily (without fighting and whining) in the sand... I am painting the perfect picture in my head right now. Let's hope it turns out that way.

With all this anticipation I am also trying to get my "beachwear" ready. Over the weekend I made a pair of light summer pants to wear over my bathing suit. So, I guess it's supposed to be some kind of a cover up: I used pre-smocked fabric from Joann (just the smocked part; not the kind that comes with the skirt/dress fabric already attached to it) and white gauze fabric. I cut the smocked panel in half lengthwise, cut and sewed the pant legs using PJ-bottoms as a guide and attached them to the smocked fabric.

And for some little detail I made this flower brooch.

Now, I still have the other half of the smocked fabric. I think I will make a smocked top from it. Maybe using some fresh flowery fabric; attaching it on the bottom (just like a skirt) and add some straps from the same fabric. I will post some pics once I am done.

Sunny beach: Here I come!

So, what are YOU looking forward to right now?


Stephanie said...

...sieht gut aus. Der Stoff ist schön leicht für den Strand. Wann geht Ihr in die Ferien?

Lauranie said...

Really cute, and a great idea! Have a wonderful vacation! With all the beautiful things you've been sewing lately...R-E-L-A-X! And then come home and make some MORE beautiful things!

traci said...

Those looks perfect for the beach. So light and the fabric flower is a great touch. I didn't know they sold smocked fabric without the dress part attached. I am going to have to look in to that at my Joanns. You got me thinking. Also, I hope your vacation goes as mentally planned!


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