Electric Guitar

Once in a while my son will start complaining that I NEVER make anything for him!
I guess, shirts, quilts, pillows, pants and such don't really count ;-)
Well, one of these complaints reached me again a few days ago. So, I told him, to draw me a picture of something (anything) and I will make it for him.

Here is the drawing that was "thrown" at me.

An electric guitar, and it had to be life-size. We went through my scrap stash and picked an old pillow case for the body and a camo-print for the neck. I drew an enlarged version of his design onto the pillow case and he cut it out. He also helped sew some of the seams and stuffed it.

And here he is with his new E-Guitar! I guess, it makes a nice pillow, too.

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Lauranie said...

Pretty good drawing for being "thrown" at you! :D You are such a good momma...and so talented! Great job!


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