Teacher Gifts - Cookies in a Jar

Instead of putting the burden of making gifts for Yanic's teachers all on myself, I decided to look for something that he could get involved with, too. And I found the perfect solution: Cookies in a Jar.

I found this really great tutorial and recipe on Bakerella's blog. I adapted it to the season and used red and green M&M's and did not add the chopped nuts. Initially, because I personally do not like nuts, but in the end it turned out they would not have fit into the jars anyway.

I had Yanic measuring and filling the jars. He had a blast. I mean, which kid doesn't like playing with food and making a mess at the same time?! ;-)

We will start passing them out tomorrow. Hope all his teachers will like them.

Also, this past weekend the kids saw Santa at the Mall and got their picture taken with him. I only mention this because I need to share what the girls told him they wanted for Christmas!
Anika: Candy and a yellow duck.
Kordula: Candy and a pink duck.
Who's kids are these???!!! Well, I guess, I will be making ducks next....

Have a happy week, everybody.

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Lauranie said...

This is a GREAT teachers' gift!! How cute is he in his apron!! And the picture on the jars....AWESOME!! He looks like he had a lot of fun doing this too...bonus! :)

Ducks? Wha-? Where did that come from? It reminds me of the year when Bella told Santa she wanted a pink teddy bear...this was like a week before Christmas!! I was running all over town looking for the blasted bear, found one, paid too much for it...then she didn't even remember asking for one!! GAH!! I think they get "Santa Shocked" and just ask for something off the wall!! Or maybe they heard another child asking for it, or saw something whild waiting in line to see Santa...anyway, Good Luck!! :)


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