New Hair Pretties

I have been working on some new clips and headbands with fabric flowers. These are made from eight fabric circles folded twice - four bigger and four slightly smaller. I, then, stitched those to a felt circle and added some heart-shaped beads in the center.

Whether, you want to attach them to clips or headbands, the easiest way is to hot glue them on and cover the bottom with a second felt circle. This way it will nice and polished (Okay, but only if your circles are not as sloppy as mine.).

The flowers can be made from almost any kind of fabric. This time I used jersey knit and regular cotton.

Now, something, that only Hockey Moms can appreciate... ;-) Meet my new companion on game days: the Stadium Cushion in Team colors.

I am hoping for no more aching bum, from sitting on freezing cold metal benches! This is a simple fleece cover for a 10 inch square piece of foam with my son's number appliqued. The applique is a two-layer felt cutout.

It's pretty comfy....;-)

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Lauranie said...

YAY!! You made something for you!! I love it, and it looks very well done! :) The hair pretties are VERY pretty! I don't know what you are talking about..your circles look great!! You are an AWESOME cutter!! ;)


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