Pink Duck and Yellow Duck

Is it really just one more week until Christmas?! I am running soooo late. There are still quite a few gifts to be made and purchased. The bad part: I hate shopping. I really do. I cannot stand being in crowded malls, people running over you, waiting in long lines, not finding what you are looking for... It irritates me.

Anyway, as I mentioned, when the kids went to see this guy a couple of weeks ago,

the girls asked for a pink duck and a yellow duck.
So, here they are. And they are not just plush animals, they are Pit-Boo-Boo-Pads, too. The top half is stuffed with cotton fibers and the bottom half is full with cherry pits. The girls love to take an animal and a Boo-Boo-Pad to bed at night. So, now they will have a Two-in-one ducky. Hope they like 'em.

BTW, this cat is a giant and the ducks are about 13 inches tall.

One more thing, don't forget the big SMS Giveaway Week. It ends to today. So, make sure to enter all those fabulous giveaways.
I have a nutty dear friend, who is hosting one, too ;-): Lauranie is crazy enough to handmake anything the winner would like. How generous is that?! So, hurry and enter. She makes fabulous things!

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Lauranie said... cute are they?? I LOVE the idea of making them pit boo boos...awesome!! Thanks for the shout out...I got LUCKY with the winner...all they want is a crown!! And she is a precious...POOCH!! Isn't that FUNNY???!!! Tell me how to make a crown for a dog...PLEASE!!! :) Good luck shopping!! Maybe best to go LATE AT NIGHT!!


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