Recycling last year's All-Season-Jumper-Dress

Remember the All-Season-Jumper-Dress tutorial I posted last year around this time?! I pulled out the dresses I made from it the other day and "oh, what a surprise" they don't fit anymore.

They are still too nice looking to be sent to the Thrift shop and there is nobody in the family who is just the right size to wear these right now. So, what to do?!

I decided to turn them into skirts! Super easy. They have just the right width on top to fit the girls' waists with even some wiggle room.
All you have to do is carefully remove the straps using a seam ripper, re-sew the top-stiching on the top band, and you are DONE!

Depending on your preference, you may have to shorten the skirt a little bit. I removed about 1.5 inches from mine in order for the skirt to fall at below the knees. I also added a pompom border to cuten them up a bit more. Sorry, no model shots this time. Although, the girls have worn them a few times already.

I also ventured into hair clip making a couple of days ago. It seems like the more clips and bows I buy, the more of them disappear. So, frankly I am getting tired of spending all this money. So, Etsy to the rescue! Not for handmade items this time, but for supplies: alligator clips and non-slip grips. Paired with those super cute ribbons I got last year (!) for my birthday, they look and work great!

Now, I will still be upset if they don't come home today, but at least it won't rip a big hole into my wallet anymore.

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