Look at all these Goodies....

So, it was my Birthday this past Sunday. AGAIN! To be honest, ever since I turned 30 a while back I lost count. Now, everytime somebody is asking me how old I am, I actually have to start calculating my age. This time around I am 37. So, Happy Birthday to me!
And have a look at all the cool things I received from my family. I am having a hard time figuring out which to look at first:

... and then these gorgeous trims from farbenmix.de:

And the newest cool book available:

Now, before I loose your attention with my showing off, back to the little giveaway from last week. Since, there were only four entries I decided to give everybody a little something. But, first of all, the PJ pants will go to:

Congratulations, Myra. I hope your boy will like them.
Jacy, Carrie and Lauranie you will receive a little something for the holidays from me. I will send you separate emails to get your contact info.

Thanks for playing along.
I am hoping to get back into the groove with sewing soon. So, I can share some more than overdue projects. Christmas is coming way too quickly this year.


Lauranie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Welcome to 37!! I've been here since January, and it has been an AWESOME year!! I hope yours is just as nice! :)
You are just sooooo sweet! Thank you!! And what wonderful goodies you got! Your family knows you sooo well! Can't wait to see what you pick first! I am interested in those 90 minute quilts!!! Sounds like a good naptime project! xo

Rogers said...

I just saw that I won a little something. I'm thinking you weren't able to get a hold of me?? Here's my e-mail address:


Love your blog!!!

P.S. Have you read "Lost Symbol" yet? I'm considering getting it, but haven't decided. Any good???


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