My first "real" Quilt

I finally did it !!!

(If you are a professional quilter, you may want to look away): I finished my first, what I want to call, real quilt. And I am really loving the way it turned out.
It will actually be a set of quilts; one for each of my twins. I used a panel of Michael Miller's "A Child's Life", a couple of Alexander Henry small flower prints for framing the images and white Kona cotton for the sashing. The back of the quilt is made from a thrifted vintage sheet.

Each of the quilts is about 63 x 63 inches (1,60 x 1,60 meters). They are much bigger than I invisioned. Each of the quilts will come with a matching quilted pillow. On the bottom I hand embroidered "Für Kordula" and "Für Anika" ("for").
So, here are the two quilt tops:

The hardest part about the whole making-a-quilt-process was assemblying the quilt sandwich and pinning everything. My arms and legs were sore the next day from trying not to step on the quilt. Here a lovely picture of 7.5 yards of binding waiting to be used (Sorry, USPS for cutting up one of your precious boxes):

The first quilt assembled and quilted:

I basically quilted in every "ditch" I could find on this quilt. I wish I had the ability to do some fancy, swirly, curvy quilting all over the white sashing...

So, here is Kordula's quilt freshly washed, dried and spread out on our bed including the two already finished pillows. I decided to handsew the binding on the back of the quilt (like every real quilter would do, right?!). But, I am not sure I will be doing it for Anika's quilt as well. It just takes sooo much time. But then, it does look really nice.

And nicely folded:

I hope they will become the girls' go-to-blankets when they don't feel well, need some extra cuddleing and I hope they will still be with them when they have kids (in like 30 years, or so....).


Anonymous said...

Oh, it looks great. Very nice!

Rachael Stanley said...

Cute quilt! I am working on my own first quilt and easier than I thought. I chose to do machine quilting (no way I had patience for hand quilting!). I am using this method: There's a helpful video here:
It covers up mistakes well and looks great, too.

Myra said...

Beautiful quilts for the girls. BTW, I got the PJ pants, they will be fine for one of the boys. Thanks!

Lauranie said...

WOW!! You did such a GREAT job...but of course, I knew you would!! :) I love the little sweet!! I too am hoping to "graduate" to the free motion quilting techniques out there!! It is just so easy to "stitch in the ditch" with blocks! LOVE my little ornament! My kids are over the moon for it, and want to make more ornaments!! Thank you so much!!! You are SO SWEET!!

Amy said...

Very sweet quilts. I hope that the girls cherish them!

Allie said...

Those are GREAT!!! I have that panel too, I pull it out and pet it every now and then, lol. I love these quilts! I use vintage sheets on the back too!

Mama Lusco said...

That fabric is great! What a wonderful gift to your girls. Good job!
I'm working on my 1st bed quilt for my girls' bed...hope to be done by Christmas, but not very motivated. Definitely not the instant gratification of apparel or handbags sewing :) Thanks for the motivation!


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