Raglan-Sleeved Playdress

Meet our new favorite dresses:

I so wish, I had the time to put a tutorial together to share with you. I drafted the pattern myself. The dresses turned out a little wide around the waist. But, the good thing is they will still fit next spring.

Cute ruffle bum:

Paired with Leggings; perfect for cooler weather:

The dress is a simple A-line shape with 4 inch wide ruffles. The ruffles are overlapping by about half an inch. The top ruffle's raw edge is covered with a band. The top part turned out to be quite well fitting and I think I will make a couple more shirts with raglan sleeves for the girls. I am in love with how colorful the dresses are.

Have a wonderful week everybody. My next post will be me bragging about all the goodies I got for my Birthday! Yep, it's today! AGAIN!


Suzanne said...

very cute dresses!

And a Happy Birthday to you!!

Heather said...

cute dresses. I love your blog. Check out mine with lots of FREE tutorials: http://callmecraftymomma.blogspot.com/

Lauranie said...

LOVE these!! So bright and cheery!! I'll give you time for the tutorial...I actually stopped by for the fall dress tute from LAST year...I am going to FINALLY get to it! :D Happy belated birthday!! Sorry, I am always sooo late with bdays! I don't even TRY to by cards for my family unless it has the words SORRY and BELATED on it!! HA!! hope it was a good one..can't wait to see all of your goodies! xo

Marina said...

Oh, your girls are so sweet and I love those dresses! Thanks for visiting the blog and for your tip!


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