My Goodies

I warned you that the next post would be about the great things I got for my Birthday. Take a look! Awesome. Right?!

Tons of fabric from Westfalenstoffe and little odds and ends, perfect for embellishing. All this came from my dear family in Germany.

The fabrics are really high quality and ecologically produced. Two of them are called Doppeltes Lottchen (perfect for twins ;-)) and the other Sterntaler. So cute. I think I will look at these for quite a while before I have the guts to cut into them.

I also got an iPod from my Hubby (I know I am so far behind on technology, it's not even funny!) His intend was to give me some kind of entertainment during my long rides to and from work. So, for the past few weeks I have been listening to books on "tape". If you haven't yet, let me recommend the three Stieg Larsson books. They are awesome. You will not want to put them down.

Oh, and look at these cute hats and scarfs my Mom made for the girls:

See you back early next week with some Halloween pics. I am almost done with the boy's Indiana Jones costume. Just a whip-holder still has to be made.
Until then.

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Lauranie said...

YAY! for birthdays!! LOVE that fabric!! I wouldn't want to cut into them either!! But they are beautiful, maybe Christmas outfits for the girls? AND an ipod?? Fancy!! Glad you have some kind of happiness on those looooong drives!! Have a safe Halloween!! xo


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