Halloween Pictures

Just a quick post with a couple of pictures of the kids on Halloween. It turned out to be a rather cold evening and I was very happy, that the costumes I made for them were big enough to fit another layer underneath.

So, here is Indiana Jones. The costume turned out to be more work than what I was planning on. A dear friend of mine told me, that Indi Jones is “just a jacket and shoulder bag”. That’s right, but what to do when none of the metro area thrift stores have any right sized jackets or bags????

The answer, my friends, is PLEATHER: Pleather jacket and Pleather bag paired with a dollar store cowboy hat and whip. I think he looks great. I am not very proud of the jacket, but it was good enough to be a costume. I was, again, too cheap to by a pattern, so I just “cut”. The sleeves turned out too wide on top and I had to add this funny looking pleat. The bag, on the other hand, turned out nicely and held a lot of the extra candy.
Yanic decided, to not go with his friends, but take the girls for Trick or Treating. That was so nice of him. They all had a lot of fun. Only A (princess), got it mixed up a little. At first she kept saying: "Thank you! Trick or Treat". And K (witch) was running ahead of everybody so she could be first at each door.
Did I mention, that the the girls picked their costumes according to their personalities.... ;-)

Now, it's time to think about Christmas....

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Lauranie said...

I am SO GLAD you don't listen to those NAY-SAYERS!! ;) What an AWESOME job you did on that jacket!! So cool! Everyone looks like they had LOTS of fun! I am in the midst of cleaning out my sewing room...again, and STILL...hopefully I will have something to show soon!!


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