Make it Fit

Hi Everybody!
Before I get to the point I wanted to share a couple of pictures of another set of pants I made for the girls. I used the same pattern I had drawn up for the other set I recently made.

And a custom order I just finished. An extra long owls and hearts garland. I think it came out really cute.

Already! Now, the main point of this post.
I am not sure what to think of it, but my girls grew two sizes in less than a year. 3Ts were a perfect fit in the spring and now they need 5Ts! Money is tight, so I have to figure out ways to extend the life of as much of their old clothing as possible.
Here is an easy way to do just that with regular stretch pants. Stretch pants that are too short on both ends.
To replace the waist I cut the existing waist band off, including the elastic and replaced it with a folded knit band. I used the same technique as for my summer skirt and the stretch knit pants from above and this post.

And to lengthen the legs I simply added a double-folded band of the same knit fabric I used for the waist band. Voila! 20 min and a new pair of pants!


Mama Lusco said...

Great idea! I need to try this with some of Mally's pants. She's growing fast, too!

Kimara said...

Clever and cute... what could be better? Oh, yes... cheap! Wonderful way to stretch the clothing budget. Love it!

Lauranie said...

Now aren't you just the smartest and frugal-friendly momma!! I was actually just trying to think of ways to take all of the middle child's clothes to extend their use...since I won't have anymore to pass down to, and really WHO would want them! HA!! I recently saw a cute idea for shirts...cut under the arms and add a longer piece of fabric, gather it and sew to the top "bodice" piece...VIOLA instant swing top! I guess this will work for those tees that are too short..have you tried this? Anyway, GREAT JOB!! :)


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