First Christmas Presents DONE !

YES, that's right! I am way ahead of my time. Never mind that Halloween is WAY too soon for comfort ("Princerella", Witch and Indiana Jones costumes waiting to be made).

But, inspiration struck when one day I saw the beautifully whimsical creations Marysia is posting about on a regular basis. Just look at this gorgeous quilt she made together with her blog readers.
And this is what made me run to get fabric and scissors. Isn't it cute? It's a Pyjama Keeper! Awesome, right?! I think this almost falls into the category of "Things you never knew you needed". But, let me tell you, YOU really do need it if you have Pre-schoolers who drop their PJs anywhere in the house, except on their bed. See!

So, here are my versions. The girls are in LOVE with Kailan right now and can't pass anything up that has Hello Kitty on it.

They are kind of like 3D-Wall Hangings and are supposed to be tied to either the headboard or foot end of the bed. And those huge oversized elastic pockets will hold the pyjamas. I am totally envisioning no more laying around night time clothing... Or, they will just turn into another stuffed animal holder. Only time will tell.

The characters are both copied from images I found on the internet. It's pretty easy. All you need is an image at a scale of 1:1 with as little fancy detail as possible. Trace all the different shapes from that image onto fabric or felt, cut and re-assemble on your quilt (shirt, jacket, bag, etc.).

It was fun making these and I made a few extra. Two are already in the shop. More will come soon.
Have a wonderful week.


Lauranie said... CUTE!! Ya know, you just make it SEEM easy!! Good luck with the pyjama keeping..hopefully it works!! WHY are you talking about CHRISTMAS already???!!! Stop making me feel inadequate!! HA!! I am just trying to make it through THIS WEEK!! Hope you are having a good one!

Marysia said...

Wow, I'm really impressed by your pyjama keepers! They are fantastic!


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