My new Summer Skirt

Update 6/22/2010: Just saw that a tutorial to make a skirt similar to mine was posted on Sew Mama Sew today. Check it out. It's really easy. Only difference is that the skirt panel is made from a rectangular piece of fabric instead of circular.

When I heard about the Make it & Ware it Challenge at Sew Mama Sew, I knew I had to make something for myself; for a change. And what's easier and quicker than a skirt?! Well, nothing, really. So, I decided on a circle skirt.
Here it is:

All you need is a cirlce and some knit fabric for the waist band.
For the skirt I used 1.5 yards of 58" wide clearance fabric from Joann and for the waist band 9" of rib knit. After I had finished the skirt I realized that the fabric was quite sheer, so I added an underskirt. For that I used Kona Muslin.

The waist band is folded in half lengthwise, so in the end it's about 4" wide. To determine how long I had to cut the rib knit, I simply pulled it around my waist really tight and then cut. It ended up being about 4 inches shorter than my waist measurment. I finished the lower edge with narrow gross grain ribbon.

This really is very easy and quick. Without the underskirt, I was done in about an hour. I think I will make something similar again but with only 3/4 of a circle for fall.
Have a happy weekend. We are enjoying 90+ degree weather! Yeah!


Lauranie said...

Did you get a haircut?? It looks sooo chic..I've thought about cutting mine that length....anyway...LOVE this skirt!!! I just saw the tutorial on SMS and want to make some for me and Ms. Priss!! I like the circle skirt effect, it looks "girlier"! Enjoy the weather..hope it doesn't get too hot...we hover around 100 down here and it makes me NOT want to leave the house, which I really don't like to do anyway!! :D

Em said...

I love this skirt... I think I could make it a little longer and it would work for my job! How did you do the underskirt... just an inch shorter or more? I love it... thinking of making one with one of those new Alexander Henry Farmdale prints!


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