Polymer Clay

I needed a break from Sewing. Well, not really, but I wanted to try something new. So, the last couple of nights instead of sewing I worked with polymer clay.
I had totally forgotten how much fun it is. We used to make all kinds of things when we were kids.

This time I used Sculpey, but I think Fimo is equally good. It's basically Playdough you can bake in the oven. I first tried myself on some buttons. The bigger ones are about 1.25 inches and the two smaller ones 1 inch. I think they will look pretty as accents on one of the next dresses for my girls. I used thread spools to cut the circles for the buttons and tooth picks to poke the holes.

And then I made a set of bottlecap necklaces for the girls. I think they turned out cute for a first try.

Also, Yanic had a lot of fun crafting with me. He made a bottlecap necklace for himself: "Y" with hockey stick and puck.

Proudly wearing it on our excursion to a farm this weekend.


Lauranie said...

These are FABULOUS!! Are they durable? I would be afraid they would break!! I LOVE the necklaces..sooo cute! Yanic did an awesome job on his!! You should check out Whimsical Creations...she does some SERIOUS stuff with polymer clay...such an inspiration!! Your talent knows no end girl!! :D

*Sally* said...

The are wonderful! Fimo is something I have never tried, you made it look easy and I want to have a go now!


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