Winner of the "Anika" skirt pdf pattern

Thank you so  much for all your nice comments and thanks for still checking in after these few months of almost non-posting.
But, I am afraid summer is not going to become any more interesting around here. I will be spending lots and lots of time outside. However, I am sure I will have some sewing going on here and there. Like this past weekend: I had three projects going at the same time: 2 more summer dresses for the girls, a sleep sack for a soon-to-be-baby and a baby blanket for the same baby.

The baby items are done and one dress as well. The other dress will get done tomorrow (maybe...).

But, now our winner of the "Anika Twirl Skirt with attached Zippered Purse": It's numero 3!!!!

Congratulations, Mama Lusco!!!! I will be mailing you the pattern soon.

For everyone else, who would like to try the pattern; it will be available in the shop tomorrow morning.

Have a great start of the week. It will be our first week of Summer Break!


Mama Lusco said...

Yeah! Thank you so much. Looking forward to making this skirt soon!

Lauranie said...

ooohhhh Congratulations!!! I am going to have to get the pattern soon!! Love it!! What cute sweet. And a question...where do you get your labels? I have thought about making some for so long...but too lazy!! HA!


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