The Scary Pink Witch and Princess Ballerina

I must warn you! This post is most of all a pat on my back for:

1. Having Halloween costumes done 4 weeks ahead of time

2. Doing it all from scratch: sketching, pattern drafting, sewing. Everything, based on two Preschoolers’ vague descriptions.

And it wasn’t all that difficult. It just took a little bit of time, measuring and planning. Here are the two sketches I made.

I know, I am not very good at drawing, but you can kind of tell, what it’s supposed to be.

I used the same pattern for both the outfits; and just added some elastic to make the puffy sleeves and the fake sash to the Princess dress. Both dresses have a zipper in the back and the bodices are lined with jersey. Because, well, we can’t have any issues with itchy and scratchy outfits on Halloween...

The sash was not really planned, but at first Ms. A looked like a Matryoshka, so I had to “slim” her down a little. I am still thinking about gathering her purple over-skirt as in the original sketch. At least I will try, to see what it looks like. I am afraid the tulle will be too stiff for it to drape nicely. Both dresses are made from Crushed Panne. It’s super easy to sew and VERY forgiving. And added bonus: it’s soft and warm. After all, we are in the Midwest and we have seen snow on Halloween before…

I also really like Ms. K’s Witch Hat. We actually bought it last year after Halloween for 50 Cents! I just braided the fake hair, added tulle bows to the braids and a big one on top. Perfect!

The girls’ love their outfits. They wore them almost all day yesterday. I think with some festive fabric the pattern might even work great for Holiday Dresses. Now, I have to figure out how to make an Indiana Jones Costume for Yanic.

PS: The girls are still the same height. Ms. A’s heels in the picture are just an inch or so higher.
PPS: By the way, see the pretty pinks and turquoise to the left in the preview for my Etsy shop? I love how it all matches right now :-)
PPPS: Klick on the individual pictures for a better resolution. Blogger gave me a hard time uploading today, so I had to embed Flickr pics.


Stephanie said...

Wow das ist aber gelungen. Die Kostüme sehen richtig toll aus und mit den Schuhen so süss :-) Gefällt mir ausserordentlich!!!

Lauranie said...

yeah!! What she said!! :D It must be nice to know another language, maybe I need to get Rosetta Stone! HA! AND it must be soooo nice to DONE!! AWESOME job! They are soooo cute! And your drawings are great....better than what I could do! If I am too lazy to PRINT something, I'll just put a peice of paper to the computer screen and TRACE it! ;) What do you have to make for Indiana Jones? He is just a hat and leather jacket...are you making the whip??!! HA! Good luck, can't wait to see what you do!! Have a good week!


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