Little Miss-Sweater and Repurposed Leggings

So, "K" is my Sweater-girl. She will wear a jacket/cardigan/sweater/shrug any day, time and location, no matter what the weather is. And, YES, she also wears them to bed. So, I felt kind of obligated to give her one that is not store bought. Initially, I wanted to knit a cardigan for her, but then settled on this super easy and cute crochet pattern from Lionbrand. And we all know, crocheting is much faster than knitting!

I followed the pattern in the largest size. I made the sleeves a little longer, though (from 1/2 to 3/4 length). Which, ultimately caused me to run out of blue yarn. Luckily, I have enough scraps of other colors on hand. I think it looks pretty with the pink cuffs and collar.

She loves it and has not taken it off since Sunday afternoon. Except when changing from Jammie tops to shirt and back.
In the meantime "A" requested a cardigan like this one as well. First she wanted yellow.... and then changed her mind to pink yesterday morning ... But, again, crocheting is fast. So, no big deal to lose an hour worth of work. Right? Right!

Then, a couple of days ago I ran into this awesome Tutorial at MakeItAndLoveIt. Out came a new set of leggings for the girls.

They look cute but are a bit too baggy and long. So, I will have to redo them before they can actually "really" wear them.

I am excited for my next post. A few weeks ago I ventured into drawing my own patterns for pants (children's of course). Can't wait to show you the results. I just need to find some time to edit the pics that go with the post.

Until then, Happy Karneval/Fasching/Mardi Gras/Paczki Day (I have had two already this morning and feel like I have been run over by a train!)

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Lauranie said...

oh...soooo pretty!!! I LOVE it with the pink accents!! Great job! Girl, I've had to "start over" on sooo many knitting projects because when the kids find them, they think it is SOOOO FUN to TAKE out my needles and use them as "swords"....OH THE TEARS when I have to UNravel a DAYS worth of work to start over!! BOO! :(


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