Random Update

Happy Thursday Everybody!

I really don't have anything great to present today. Just wanted to quickly show the Valentine's the children will give out at school tomorrow.

I found the idea for this on one of the blogs I frequently read. Unfortunately, right now, I cannot find it for the life of it. Sorry. Thank you Erika for the link.
Anyway, I asked the kids to make a funny face and hold one hand out like they are holding something. Took a picture, printed it on cardstock, cut it out, put slits above and below their fists and put a sucker through them. That's it.

And for the girls' Preschool Teacher I made this felt heart. The tutorial for this can be found at Sew Mama Sew.

And the following is the product of a VERY long and VERY boring conference call at work this morning: 50 some paper beads...

At least the girls will have something to make necklaces with tonight :-D


Allie said...

That is the cutest idea EVER!!! Or maybe the cutest kids ever!

Erika said...

I made these over the weekend! So darn cute. Here is where I found the idea. Maybe its where you did too?


Lauranie said...

OH MAN!!! I wish I would have seen this...that's what I get for being "absent"!! :D They are sooooo stinkin' cute!! LOVE it!! And I did NOTHING for teachers...I know, I'm a slacker!! Cute heart and birdie!!


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