New Addiction - Sewing with Knits

Okay, my dear sewing friends!
WHY did nobody ever tell me how easy it really is to sew knits?!
WHY did nobody ever tell me that my sewing machine has a "fake" serger stitch?!
WHY did nobody ever tell me that that same sewing machine has a fancy decorative zig zag stitch perfect for top stitching knits?!

Along the same lines: WHY did nobody ever tell me how easy french seams are. I had to find out all on my own. But better late than never. I will safe this topic for another post, though.

But, back to knits! I am addicted to recycling John's and my old T-shirts into dresses for the Twins. If you cut it right then the lower edge and sleeve edges are already finished for you. Which eliminates a lot of work.

Inspired by a dress that Angie at Mama Lusco recently made for her daughter and the Lil Blue Boo Sienna dress, I took three plain white shirts and turned them into simple A-line dresses with lots and lots of ruffles. Oh, they are so cute. Never mind the fact that white really is not a good color choice for Toddler dresses. But, oh well, who cares. They are adorable.

Initially, I just wanted the dresses to be all white. But then I remembered the hand sewn felt flowers I made last summer and figured they'd look cute as appliques centered on the dresses.

(Note to self: Need to comb childrens' hair before taking pictures and work on lighting, to eliminate pee-yellow hue on white fabric.)

I think, I will enter them in the Lil Blue Boo / Dharma Trading Design challenge as well. Did you know that for every 10 dresses entered into the challenge Ashley will make and donate one to a Charity! If that's not reason enough to make some more...!

Have a great week everybody!


Mama Lusco said...

These are amazing! They turned out so well :) Absolutely darling!

Lauranie said...

I am SQUEALING over here...sooooo cute!! Sorry, I knew about the fake serger stitch on the sewing machine...I forgot to tell you!! :D I happen to like white for kids...EASIER TO BLEACH!! I really like these and may have to try it!! Do you use ball point or stretch needles? Any tips will HELP!! :D

Mama Lusco said...

I just linked back to your post about these dresses. Have you checked out the LBB challenge gallery? Such amazing entries and ideas. I can't wait to get sewing again!


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