About a year ago you would have never found me considering to make a pair of pants for my girls or even draw a pattern for pants. I was always afraid that they would never fit right. But, practice makes better. And with having sewn so many skirts, jackets, PJs and dresses over the past year I felt confident that now it could possibly work out okay if I made some pants; simple pants.

So, I drew up two different patterns: one that uses one piece of fabric for each leg (= no side seams on the legs) and one with side seams and cuffs. Because I wanted something really fun for the girls to wear I chose loud and bright fabrics for both.

Cute brown and purple owl flannel paired with bright pink and more owls for the pockets.

Big fun pockets on the side and in back.

For the second set I used different prints from the Monkey's Bizness and Chick A Dee, Chick A Doo fabric lines.

Nice big pockets on this one, too.
And nice cuffs with a slight flare on the bottom.

When planning and making these pants I discovered how easy, quick and awesome French Seams are! Look!

Doesn't it look so clean and professional?! If you have never tried using this type of seam it's definetly worth trying. There are quite a few easy to follow tutorials available on sewing blogs.

Quite a few birthdays are coming up next month: Uroma, Nephew, Nieces AND Anika und Kordula. I have lots of plans for handmade gifts for almost all of them. But first, I need to sit down and finish Anika's pink cardigan.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Mama Lusco said...

These look great! I really like the cargo pocket on the leg. Mallory loves pockets, too! I was surprised how fast and easy pants like these are. I agree that your french seams look great! I usually just sew then serge the seams, but a french seam is the best looking :)

Heather said...

So cute. I need to learn how to do french seams myself. Would save a lot of serging.


Allie said...

Those are so darling, and the girls look THRILLED with them!!!!! Good job!

Lauranie said...

Let me tell you...since I've started "following" your accomplishments you have continued to AMAZE me with your skill. You have such a great natural talent that just keeps is getting more refined as you learn more and more techniques...BRAVO, you should be sooo proud!! AND the girls are getting to be natural models with all the cute outfits they get photo'd (word?) in!! LOVE the sassy backpocket shots...tooooooo stinkin' cute!! :D


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