WOW! Has it really been two weeks since my last post?! I guess, I have been busy and didn't realize how fast time is flying by.

I really don't have much to show for right now. I have started working on the girls' 3rd Birthday outfits and started making a puppet theater for them. This will be this year's handmade gift for them. I can't show any of it yet, 'cause all of it is a big huge WIP (Read: "Mess".).

Just, quickly, a couple of things I did finish:

This must be the worst picture ever taken!
an apron for Uroma (my grandma). It's reversible: one side bright and springy for when she feels like showing off and the other side a bit more subtle for everyday-working around the house- stuff.

I hope she likes it and more importantly it fits. She is a bit shorter than I am, so I hope it won't be too long for her. I did not use a commercial pattern, just a "vision" I had ;-)
Her Birthday was Tuesday, but unfortunately the package did not make it in time. How is it, that whenever you send something that's not urgent it gets to Europe in 4-5 days, but when you are in a hurry it's 10 days+?

Then, before Valentine's Day one of my co-workers ordered a personalized coffee cozy (like this one) for his wife. I added a set of stenciled coasters. I used a vintage pillow case and brown linen. He said that she loved it.

Can't wait to get home tonight to continue working on the birthday outfits. They will be in all different shades of blue... I was getting tired of all the pink a bit, so I went with the opposite color spectrum this time. I know Anika will like it (she will always pick the blue plate, cup, toothbrush, etc. over pink), but Kordula is the exact opposite. I will keep you updated.

PS: Yeah! for Germany for being second in the Olympic medal count!!!!

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Stephanie said...

...die Schürze ist schön geworden. Altrosa mag sie, das weiss ich und zum wenden ist auch super praktisch. Da wird sie sich freuen!!!

Grüssle Stephi


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