To be, or not to be...

Halloween is almost here and I typically make all the kids' costumes myself. So far it has always worked out great and I am having a lot of fun doing it. This year is a bit different: The girls will be Tinker Bells in storebought costumes and Yanic - well here is his issue:

I don't know if this only applies to my kids, but minds are changing as often and quickly as the Michigan weather around here:  Just last Saturday, Yanic insisted on being Yoda for Halloween. However, come Sunday afternoon and my being done with creating about 80% of his costume, he decides Yoda's ears are too big and he does not want to be Yoda anymore. He'd rather be Anakin Skywalker.
I am not really mad about it, only because I did not have to make a second costume. He will just re-use the one I made for him a couple of years ago when he wanted to be Luke Skywalker.

But, I still wanted to get a picture of him as Yoda. But, he would only agree to wear the hat I made. So, here is Luke/Anakin Skywalker with Yoda-Ears (just pretend he's wearing tan colored pants and black boots):

I will admit, the ears did turn out a tad too long....


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love it! The ears are great. Oh, and I got your ornament... thank you so much! Too sweet of you.

My Big Mouth said...

Even if the ears are too big or not,I think it's super cute!
Btw,congrats on the quilt!
It's to die for!

Lauranie said...

Ok, maybe a little big...but think of all of the LOOKs and maybe EXTRA candy he would get if he wore them!! Have you worked that angle yet, mom?? :D I think it came out great!


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