Tea anybody?

The title of this post has little to do with what I want to show you. I just couldn't think of anything better...

Yesterday I was browsing Etsy for some inspiration and potential Christmas gifts. And I found this very pretty dress:

Cute, isn't it?! I thought to myself, this fabric really makes the pattern work. Something like the style of the dress compliments the fabric's pattern and the other way around. Than it dawned on me that I had seen this fabric before!
It is the same as on the vintage bed sheet I used for the girls' peasant dresses. Just in a different colorway.

Now, does that mean I can use the leftover fabric I have to make a dress for myself?! Probably not. It would look kind of tacky to match with the girls.
Anyway, I thought, I share this little story with you. 'cause I think it's neat...

PS: By the way the dress is by Sohomode and you can find it here.

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