...not as in "CATS" the musical, but as in Toy!

Working on the quilted letters and numbers earlier this week sparked my creativity a little bit and I started thinking what other toys I could make using fabrics. And I thought of “Memory”. You know, the fun classic childhood game were you have to find and collect pairs of identical images.
This was such a fun project that I decided to write up a little tutorial.

- Scrap pieces of cotton fabric with different prints. I used 10 for my set, but you can certainly use more or less if you wish to.
- About 8 inches of 42” wide quilt batting (I used thick cotton batting)
- About 8 inches of 42” wide solid colored fabric for the back (I used red flannel)
- Matching thread
- Sewing machine
- Pinking shears

The game pieces in the end will be 3 inch squares.

To get started cut 10 pair of 3.25 inch squares of your different cotton fabrics. If you are using fabrics with images try to make sure that the image is in the same spot within your 3.25” square on each of the two pieces that belong to a pair.

Now lay your back fabric (red flannel for me) right side down onto your sewing table, lay the batting on top and then pin all your game pieces right sight up onto the batting/flannel. Just, like you would, when making a quilt sandwich.

Sew around each of the game pieces with your sewing machine using a ¼” seam allowance from the edge of each cotton square.

It is your choice to either sew all of them first and then cut them out or cut each separately after sewing it.

Cut your game pieces out with your pinking shears making sure not to come too close to your stitching.

Now, if you still have energy left from all this repetitive work, make a little drawstring bag for storing your new, ecofriendly, childfriendly and unique toy. Make a few for Christmas gifts, too. Or come on over to Kindershop and grab one there.

Happy Sewing!


nerida said...

This is SO AWESOME!! Great thinking Beatrix! I love toys like that. I made little 'throw and catch' bags out of squares of fabric (just sewed them together and filled them up with rice) and put them in an elasticized bag. We use them for 'throw and catch', hopscotch and all sorts of other imaginative games.

--Arnnette said...

How cute is that!

Lauranie said...

How original! I love this! You are ALWAYS my hero when it comes to inspiration! Love it! :)

Anonymous said...

Can this be made with flannel for both sides?? I love the idea.

Beatrix from Kindershop said...

You can use really any type of fabric. I have made sets using cotton and corduroy. Flannel would be perfect too.

Laura said...

Thanks for sharing this project! I did one myself. :-)


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