Alphabet and Numbers Fun

In case anybody cares enough (and even if not): Sorry, for being so "absent" lately. But, I just didn't have any finished projects to share (I have at least 5 unfinished ones, though...) or any other news.

I have been a bit of a scatter brain lately when it comes to crafting. But kind of in a good way. I have found so many new tutorials online over the past week and had a few ideas of my own (Believe me, that doesn't happen very often) that I just jumped into each one of them, but stopped in the middle to start with the next. I have every intention to finish each and every one of those things, but it will be a few more days.

There is one, however, which I finished last night!

A couple of weeks ago I found this great tutorial at Happy Together for quilted rag letters. And having two toddlers I thought this is one of the best ideas ever. And believe me, it is! Since I have had a set done for the girls they have not stopped playing with it. They mostly just arrange, re-arrange, dump and put the letters back into the bag. But, they have also already learned to associate "Y" with Yanic, "M" with Mama, "P" with Papa (that's what they call their Dad), "A" with Anika and "K" with Kordula. This is really a great educational toy. AND: it doesn't require any batteries.

For my sets I used different cotton fabrics for each letter for the front, thick cotton batting and red flannel for the back. The font I used is "Gill Sans Ultra Bold" increased to 400pt. I found that this was one of the most basic fonts and easiest to cut out and sew. In addition to the alphabet I also made a set of numbers.

The project will take a bit of time with first cutting your templates, than the fabrics and sewing them together. In order to save some time, I used the letter/number templates to cut the front fabrics, then pinned those to the uncut piece of batting/flannel, sewed around each letter/number and then cut them out.

If you want to make a set too, go on over to Happy Together for the tutorial or if you don't have the time or patience, I made a couple of extra sets. You can get them at my shop here and here. I think these would make great Back-to-school or Christmas gifts (hey, X-mas is only 5 months away...;-)).


Stephanie said...

...super schöne idee. Will auch haben später! Liebe Grüsse, Carsten, Annabelle & Stephi

Lauranie said...

I need to be more scattered-brain like a good way, instead of my way....which is not THIS good! I really like these. I have enough scraps laying around to try these. It is just too cute! xo

Anonymous said...

These look great!!!! Are they "raggety" around the edges? They look like clean edges, but can't really tell. If they are clean, how did you do them?!

Beatrix from Kindershop said...

Yes, the edges are unfinished. I may not look like it in the pics because I have not washed them yet, there. Once they go through the washing machine they will start fraying a little.


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