Ready for Spring

Even so we still have fridged temperatures outside and the weather is showing no sign of spring, I am ready for it and slowly so is the girls' wardrobe.

The past couple of nights I have been working on a set of twirly skirts; no pattern - I just made it up as I went along. I call them Pottytraining-skirts, because they are full enough for the girls to easily sit down on their potties without the skirt getting in the way.

Last night, before they went to bed, I only had one finished and wanted them to try it for size. So, they were fighting and screaming over who got to try the skirt on first. To me that means, they like it ;-). I think I will be making quite a few more of this style.

Also, some may remember the disaster that happened to me a couple of weeks ago. I have since recovered and in the meantime have finished the reversible skirts for the girls' birthday outfits. Also here, I did not use a pattern. I like how they came out. With it the girls will wear reversible pinafores. I will show pictures of those later.
I really love the idea of reversible garments as I don't have to mess with finishing edges on the inside (I don't own a serger.).


Lauranie said...

I really like reversible too! Most of the time you have to line or put facing on so you might as well get more bang for your buck, right! You did a really good job without a pattern! Sew Baby! has 2 reversible patterns that I like, once you read them they are kinda commom sense, but I'm such a big scare baby! :)

Lauranie said...

OK, now I remember we spoke on Sew Mama Sew! You got the pattern for the dress, they also have one for a skirt, but yours looks just like the picture on the pattern! :)

the 6 o'clock stitch said...

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Team Rogers said...

I love the skirts, they are soooo cute. Will you please share with me how you made them?! I was tellling Matt just today that I would love to start making the girls some cute dresses and such. You are my inspiration. Were you this crafty before A & K were born? Love them!!


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