Fabric Storage Basket

Even so I said "later" when I was planning to use up the rest of my IKEA fabric for a storage basket (to match my new pillows), I just couldn't wait.

So, here it is: the perfect-for-downstairs-diaper-caddy-mobile-changing-station-fabric-storage-basket. I loosly followed the tutorial Kristel from Vlijtig had posted on her blog.

I, obviously, only used one fabric for the outside and my basket is a bit bigger than hers. The pannels for outside and inside each measure 17 x 13 inches (43x33 cm) and the bottom corners are 7 inches (18 cm) across. I use an half inch (about 1 cm) seam allowance. Also, in order to make my basket as stiff as possible I used fusible fleece instead of just regular interfacing.

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