So, I bought my first yard of IKEA fabric yesterday!

I suddenly felt the urge to replace these dated IKEA-cushion covers. If I remember correctly, John and I bought these about 10 (!) years ago, shortly after we got married. I think, everybody will agree with me, it was time to get rid of them.

Being at IKEA and looking at all these gorgeous prints it was not easy to decide which fabric to purchase. I ultimately decided to try one of the prints from the "PATRICIA" line.

When the Lady cut the fabric for me, she was very generous and actually cut about 39 inches, instead of 36. Lucky me! Because, after pre-washing the fabric it turned out that I ended up with exactly 36 inches: Shrinkfactor of over 8%?! Anyway, it was still enough fabric to cover the two pillows with zipper centered in back (I reused the zippers from the old covers!) and I have enough left over to make a cute fabric basket later on.

PS: Now, this old couch just HAS to go.......


My Big Mouth said...

I like the look of the new pillow fabric.
I have heard so many people talk about going to Ikea...we don't have one here and I have never been.
I'm begainning to feel jealous ,lol.

Rae said...

Ooh! I have that same IKEA fabric waiting to be made into something! I love the fabric bags you made with it too!

Thanks for stopping by and saying "hi" on my blog!

Marleen said...

My old sew-teacher (sorry, my english ain't always english)used to try a new pattern first in cheap fabric and thén went to sew it in a more costly one. The Ikea-linens were the best!

So: I use a lot of Ikea too, in Holland we can order the fabric by mail - we are so priviliged!

I like your skirts, my girls are going to get one (or two) too!

I will come by and look for the resst of their wardrobe


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