Wreath-Blanket-Bags Show-and-tell

Just a few pictures of a couple of things I have made over the past weeks/months.

After Valentine's Day my front door wreath received a new look! This time I used a ton of the crochet flowers my Grandma made for me a while ago and topped them off with vintage buttons.

Then, for his birthday this year, I made a new blanket for the Hockey-Man. A simple quilt top, backed with fleece.

The #3s are felt appliques.

For his party this year he had his best friends over and we had a fun scavenger hunt through our neighborhood. They split up into two teams and had to take pictures of certain things. The trick was that at least one of the team members had to be in each picture. So, for instance, they had to take a pic of a man mowing his lawn. In order to accomplish that, they had to ask the person for permission. Another one was a picture of a human pyramid with at least three people in it. They only had 2 and 3 people in either team, so they had to find friends to help out. It was fun and in the end we had a lot of funny pictures, which I turned into a collage and sent home with everybody.

Also, for the scavenger hunt I made personalized bags from old pants for each of the kids. Each bag had a compass, directions, note pad and pencil, a map of the neighborhood, drink and snack in it. After the party they each got to keep the bag and compass, note pad and pencil.

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