Summer Project - Birdhouses

Wow, it's been quiet around here! I am so behind documenting what I have been working on over the past months and also catching up on the fun things happening on the blogs in my reader.

Also, for today I have not much, but just a quick and cute project suitable for a 100+ degree or rainy day.

I let the kids pick their favorite 1$-Birdhouse at Joann's. They have at least 5 different kinds to chose from for 1$. They are not intended for birds to actually nest in them, but please don't tell my kids...;-)

We spray-painted ours with an indoor/outdoor paint first. Then the kids used regular washable kids paint to decorate theirs. After letting it dry I applied a clear coat, so they would be suitable for outdoors.

Once all this was done, I simply screwed all three onto a board and stuck the board into our corkscrew willow. Simple one of a kind decoration! And who knows, maybe some kind of creature will even make them their home ;-)

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