Bib Skirts

This must have been one of the most frustrating projects I have done in a while. It's right up there with this bag!

I found this cute and seemingly easy tutorial on this blog. I know, it's free and I should be nice. And the frustration was probably caused on my part anyway.

The recommendation is, that if your child is "normal" to "full size", go with one size bigger, in order for the skirt to fit properly. So, my girls are a size 116/122, so I chose 128/134 and added plenty of seam allowance. Yet, nothing fit at first. My fault, 'cause I should have measured and checked against the size of the pattern pieces.

Anyway, I added triangles on the sides to make the top part wider, and then it worked. But, it just added a lot more time and ripping seams and adjusting the pattern pieces for the inside facing...

Also, I finally figured out how to use the one-step-button function on my machine! Yeah! All it took was 10 minutes of reading the manual. Who'd have thought.... ;-)

So, in the end I am happy with the skirts and the girls like them. Especially, the pompoms. I was able to use only left over fabrics: fleece, corduroy, velveteen.
I also used FOE on this project again. The edges of the pockets are covered with it. If you have never used it before, you should really try. It's super easy to use and makes bindings look really neat.

A couple more projects got finished over the weekend. I will show those later. Have a great start to the week! Did you go shopping on Black Friday??? I did! Yes! First time, ever! And the only store I went to was Joann's! Couldn't pass up the 1.12$/yrd flannel.... ;-)


Lauranie said...

they are adorable!! I'm glad you worked it out!! Wow! You've been a sewing fool lately...can't wait to see more :)

Mama Lusco said...

Beautiful jumpers! The design is fabulous. Sorry it was frustrating for you but they look great! I need to try sounds like a quick, easy binding. Happy Holidays!

Simple Simon & Co said...

LOVE the fabric choices you used! They turned out darling!


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