Crochettop Dress Tutorial

I just remembered that I never got around to posting again about the crochet-top dresses I made earlier this season. Reason being, I have no model shots.... ;-).

Anyway, I have put together a little pattern for you to use, if you wish to make a dress just like it. Simply click on this link and download via the free version.



Mamma and Co. said...

Hi I miss you all! We are preparing for St. Nicholas day and I don't have very many good ideas. I'm sure I will figure it out however. I just wanted to say hello to you.

Ms Q.

Lauranie said...

yay for tutorials!! Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

I would love to give this pattern a try, but when I tried to follow the link nothing happened. Please wait, your request is processing... That's all I get... :'(

kind regards,


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