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Hello again.

Because I work full time, I never sign up to be a room parent in any of my children's classes. I love to help out and send in things for special days, but just don't have the time to be in the class room for holiday parties or go around coordinate and organize things for the teachers. However, this past school year I agreed to be a room parent in K's class. It turns out the only job I really had, was to make a teacher appreciation poster!

Even I can do this!

So, here is what I came up with. Our girls' school is called "Go Like the Wind". The meaning behind the name is, that kids should always do just that: go higher, farther, accelerate, never stop learning, exploring. With that in mind, here is my poster:

I glued each child's picture to a dandilion seed and the classroom teachers' pictures to a dandilion flower.

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Lauranie said...

I LOVE that!!! Up and away, like the wind...awesome!! Your poster is perfect! It is hard being a room mom, because you always think you are not doing enough...but in reality, just to do SOMETHING is greatly appreciated by teachers. I was "co-" Room mom this year, but our teacher was soooo self- sufficient, we had to BEG her to let us do something! HA! As the kids get older, there is just less to do!!


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