A once favorite skirt....

...turned into a new favorite skirt.

I bought this skirt exactly 15 years ago! Which makes it almost "vintage". Huh!
It's made from a really thick, flowy knit fabric and is very comfortable to wear. But, the style!!!! ...or lack thereof.

I wanted to make it wearable again and decided to cut off the bottom part and make it knee length. From the cut off piece I made varying lengths of ruffles and arranged them "randomly" on one side of the front.

Voila! Pretty, new, comfy and dare do I say: sexy skirt.

I have not yet finished the hem. I am not sure if I will. I tried, but it kept being really uneven and puckered a lot. I think I need a serger to do a proper job. Maybe, I will just leave it as is. It shouldn't fray anyway, since it's knit fabric.


Bec Clarke said...

that is just lovely, great re-sew job!!!

Lauranie said...

ooh la la!! Very chic & sexy! :) I hate doing hems to...the WORST!! Voted for you today, and of course you are WINNING!! GOOD LUCK!! xo


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