Hello there!
Just wanted to pop in to show a couple of costumes Yanic needed for school.

First one was for a play they performed for all the parents and friends. He was supposed to be a respesentative from a society in the future. This was his description of what he was looking for: "white pants, white shirt with gold shoulder things like a king".

For good reasons, none of my kids own white pants. So, I hit one of the local thrift stores and found a pair of women's summer pants. I took them in where needed, in order to make them fit. It worked out great. The shoulder boards are made from cardboard. I hot glued fabric and trim on to them. They are velcroed to a regular white dress shirt.
Okay, here's the worst pic ever. Sorry. It's a screen shot out of a video. Unfortunately, that's all I have. But, I think it's obvious who's Yanic there...

Then a few weeks ago, Yanic's class had a day long field trip to a 19th Century one-room school house. The kids were asked to look the part as well. So, here is Yanic in front of that school.
I made the hat from an old pair of pants using the Jack & Jill Hat pattern by Izzy & Ivy Designs.
The suspenders are made from the same old pants and I used this tutorial at Make-it-and-love-it.

Still on my list to make, before we go on our annual road trip: a cover for my Nook, car organizers for the girls and a skirt refashion.
I will be back soon with another post (hopefully). Until then, enjoy the summer weather.


Lauranie said...

Cool hat!! You're such a good momma!! Way to work the thrift store finds, too. I wanna get Bella a you have the color one? You must email and tell me how great it is!! :)

Tommy said...

You are creative and would compliment any of the classes with your talents. Leave the other jobs to the moms good at being there and those who are creative do the hard work. No, all the work positions are most important and none are easy.


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