Ruffle Wreath - A Tutorial

Now, that all my Christmas decorations are gone I needed something new and fresh for my front door. Cute, huh?!

Wanna make one, too? Here is how.
You will need

1 yard fabric (I bought the least expensive white cotton, I could find. I think it was 1.99$/yrd.)
1 Styrofoam ring (I got mine at Joann. Regular price was 4.99$, but I was able to use a 40% off coupon.)
Thread, needle (Sewing machine optional, but will get the job done quicker)
Hot glue gun
fabric scraps for flower (optional)

Let's get started.
Cut your fabric into 4 inch wide strips and then each strip into three equal pieces. My fabric width was 45 inches, so each of my strips was 4 inches x 15 inches. If your fabric is less than 45 inches, don't worry, just adjust the length of each individual strip. Your ruffles will just be a tiny bit less full on the wreath. You will need a total of 24 of these strips.

Now start ruffling each strip right down the center. I used the longest stitch and lowest tension on my machine, but you could also use a plain needle and thread.

Ruffle each piece until the length of the ruffle is approximately 6.25 inches. The foam ring is about 6 inches around and with your ruffle being a little longer it will overlap slightly in the back later on.

Next, fold each ruffle piece lengthwise and give it a quick press with your steam iron. Having the crease will make gluing them onto the ring easier and will also look better.

Now, the fun part. You are ready to assemble your wreath. For the first ruffle, place a line of glue about half way around the ring and press the center of the ruffle on it.

Then turn the ring over, apply glue on the other half of the ring and press the ends of the ruffle onto it.

Repeat this process with each of your ruffles. I placed one every 1.5 inches or so.
After you have glued all your ruffles onto your ring, fluff them a little to make it look all pretty and "even". Now, you can hang your wreath or go ahead with some embellishments.

I added a fabric rosette flower to mine. I had some left over quilt binding which was just waiting to be used for this purpose. If you are looking for a tutorial to make a rosette flower, there is an easy to follow one right here. You don't need special fabric glue. I just used my hot glue gun and it worked just as fine.

Go ahead, make one, too. Be creative with the colors and embellishements. How about pink for Valentine's Day, or pastels for Easter. Then there is bound to be a next Christmas, so how about green with red flowers or one in fall colors?!
If you make one, please let me know and link back to this post.


Lauranie said...

Love simple, but elegant!!
Thanks for the "how to"!

Alison @ said...

I have been looking for the perfect wreath for a very girly Tea for 2 birthday party for my youngest. I love this! And so easy!

Shannon said...

Very cute! I was looking at the yarn wreath in sytyc kinky feature, thinking about making a fabric one. I scrolled down, and saw this!!


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