New Quilt

This project was really not on my radar until I received a HUGE bag full of crochet flowers from my Grandma. I had asked her to please make a few for me, so I could add them as embellishments to dresses and shirts for my girls. But then, she sent so many, that I wanted to make something that last a bit longer than just one season.
So, I arranged them on a piece of fabric and turned that into a quilt. It's not the greatest design ever, but it's a keepsake and the kids love it, and the cat, too. As you can see...

The front is made from a mix of Shade Garden fabrics and Chick A Dee, Chick A Doo Dots. Also, you can barely tell from the picture, but on some of the flowers I added the Polymer clay buttons I made a while ago. I am happy to report that they hold up great during washing and drying.

On the back I used several remnants of vintage sheets and pillow cases and appliqued a big cute owl on it.

I am proud to say, that NO fabric was bought specifically for this project! Yay, for using up my stash. The quilt is about 45x60 inches.

Hmhmm, I also ventured into making crochet flowers for, yeah, well, I don't really know.... But, I only got this far....

Maybe more some other time.
Have a great week everybody. I think for me it will be time to start working on stocking up my shop for the Holidays. I have a few ideas for some new things. More soon.

On a personal note: Today was my first day at the new office of my company. The offices moved over the weekend. Now I have a 55 mile drive every morning/evening. Up from about 32 miles. It stinks! But, it will get worse once school starts. Our kids are going to schools that are out of our district: so no school buses. I will have to drive close to 20 miles out of my way to drop them off before going to work.... With the traffic situation here that will amount to about 2 hours each way (including time to drop everybody off).
The reason I am telling you this?! - I want some pitty, of course!

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Lauranie said...

That is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE that you used up your stash, which has some great fabrics involved!! I adore that little owl...tooooo cute!! Great job.
Now on with the PITY....YUCK!!!! How AWFUL for you! Can't you just do your job from HOME???!!! Really, start stocking and hopefully you will sell EVERYTHING and SO MUCH MORE so you can QUIT that ridiculousness and retire to become the awesome maker of things ALWAYS!! I'm not going to get to "see" you as often!! I want some PITY too!! Ok, now that we are BOTH depressed.... :D I hope that it is not as bad as we think!!


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