Hug Pillow

Happy Thursday everybody! The first work week of the year is almost over. Yeah! Can't wait. It was so hard to get up on Monday and drive to work.

Just a little show-and-tell today.

For my Mom's Birthday this year, my sisters and I decided on a Grandkids-Hug-Pillow. We traced everybody's hands. My sisters both scanned the ones of their kids and sent them over, since one is in Germany and the other in Switzerland. I arranged them so that there would be enough room for one more little print for another Swiss Baby coming in March.
Here is the pillow already on my parents' couch.

If you would like to make one too and need some directions, there is a great tutorial right here. I turned mine into a pillow cover, instead of stuffing it. Just in case it needs to be washed.
Pillows like this make great Birthday, Valentines, Mother's Day, etc. gifts!

Also, have you heard of Stitched in Color's big Blogger's Pillow Party? Every month until June you can submit your pillow creations with great prizes being awarded to the winner each month.

Blogger's Pillow Party


diana said...

What a nice ideea with the hands, I love it!

Jamie said...

I so love this idea! And the yellow is so cheery and bold. I like the contrasting colors! I think I know what to make for my mom for Mother's Day now. Thank you for sharing!

Lauranie said...

OMgosh!! This is FABULOUS!! My parents anniversary is this month..I want to do the silohuette(sp?) pillows that was on SMS during HMH!! I think I will go with a cover mom won't use them if she think they will get ruined!! HA!! Congrats on the newest family member coming!! xo

Mary said...

Hi - I just pinned your awesome Hugs Pillow on Pinterest. Not only is it beautiful I also love the story behind it.


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