Organic Cotton Sateen and a New Couch Pillow

I couple of months ago I was the lucky give away winner of two yards of organic cotton sateen from Harmonyart. I received this one and this one. When I received it the fabric felt a bit stiff, so I immediately washed it. Let me tell you, I have never felt a cotton sateen this soft. It is like velvet.

So far I have used the fabrics for new pillow cases and pretend Ballerina shoes.

I have plenty left over, and will probably make night gowns for the girls for spring.

The ballerina shoes are based on a pattern from Homespun-threads. Just before Christmas they were giving their patterns away for free. It looks like some of them still are. Make sure to check out their store.

The pattern they offer for the ballerina shoes is for infants only. But, after I understood the concept, it was pretty easy to draw up a pattern large enough to fit the girls' feet. They turned out a bit wide, hence the elastic across.

Yesterday, I was going through my closet and stumbled across this relatively old lambswool sweater, which I may have worn once.

I decided to make a simple toss pillow from it.

A simple square pillow with a little ruffle flower.

I know the pictures are awefull, but this is as good as it gets when you use a cell phone to photograph a black pillow. I used this tutorial for the ruffle flower.

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Lauranie said...

Congrats on the win!! The slippers are sooooo cute!! :) I love the "pleated" look. What a great idea for your pillow, it came out fabulously! I have several sweaters that I could do this for....just never get around to doing it...UGH!!! Have a good weekend!! xo


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