SMS Giveaway Winner - and Nikolaus Day

You guys are all sooo nice! 165 entries to the giveaway! WOW! I am overwhelmed.
And you all gave me so many great ideas for gifts for our male teachers. My favorites were:

- coffee/tea cup cozy with coffe shop gift card
- lanyard for the PE teacher
- bookmarks
- journal covers

I am swaying between the cup cozy and the lanyard. I may even make both. So, thank you everybody for playing along and entering in my giveaway. picked number "25" as the winner. And that would be Karen from Twiceasniceboutique. She said: "Chocolates, or baking- Men love to eat right?"
If you have a minute go check out her blog and Etsy store. She makes the coziest sleep sacks. If you have a little baby these are a must-have. I have been using sleep sacks for all three of my children and they are the best thing to prevent SIDS and you don't have to worry about thrown off blankets at night.

So, now where does the second part of the post title come in, you ask???!! This is the reason why I am posting at this ungodly hour already! The kids woke up at 6:15 a.m. in order to check out their boots. More on that tomorrow! Have a great second Advent Sunday everybody.


Lauranie said...

Congratulations Karen!!! 165? WOW!! How exciting for you!! Hope you made lots of new bloggy friends!!

Shona Cole said...

good choices on the gifts for male teachers!

thanks for the visit and for entering my giveaway (unfortunately the random generator choose someone else), But I hope now it is over you will come back by to visit sometime!



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