Nikolaus Day and Pattern Testers wanted

UPDATE: I have received an overwhelming response regarding pattern testers. Thank you so much. I have selected three lovely Ladies, who will receive the patterns later tonight. Everbody else; I will keep your emails for possible future patterns. Thank you so much again.

So, yesterday was Nikolaus Day. For those of you who do not celebrate this day, here is a quick link.
In Germany, where I come from, it is custom for the children to shine their boots the night of December 5th and set them outside for St. Niklaus to come and fill them with candy and small presents. So, all three of our children did just that and this is what they were going to wake up to:

They loved every bit of it and breakfast for the girls was basically candy and gingerbread cookies.

Notice the dolls in the pics?

Meet the ELISE DOLL.

(The girls renamed theirs into "Hockeypuckus" and "Ketchup"....). The doll is about 18 inches tall and made from fabric and felt, with an embroidered face. I have drawn up a pattern and written instructions for it. I am thinking about making it available for sale in my Etsy shop. Before I do so, I am asking for a few pattern testers. So, if you are interested please send me a quick email to "beatrix dot sadek at yahoo dot com". I am looking for a pretty quick turn around time.
I know everybody is busy with Holiday preparations, but maybe you are still missing a gift for a little girl and would have time to make one of these before the end of the week?!
Looking forward to hearing from you.


Suzanne said...

I'll test one for you! I've never made a doll or "stuffed anything" before but I'd love to give it a try. Our youngest will be one on the 24th so I could make it for her :)

Sam, Adrianna, Zoe, and Penny said...

I'll do it this week! I was going to make a black apple doll for my younger daughter since I already made one for the older, but I wanted to try something different anyway. I just love the hair variations on this one. I just got a big stack of felt in the mail too - it's a sign.

Mama Lusco said...

These are great! Looks like the girls will have fun with them.


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