Ca-ute!!! - Elise is playing dress-up

What do you think??!!
Isn't she super cute?!

On one of my latest trips to my fabric store I found a remnant of white and blue gingham. And, instantly, had a vision of the Elise Doll wearing a "real" The Wizard of Oz' Dorothy dress, including red boots and all. I took the Elise pattern, but cut up the front and back dress pieces, the arms, legs and modified the shape of the body. So, all that's really left from the original pattern is the head. I also re-shaped the feet a bit, to make them look a little more like she is wearing shoes.

The sewing part was quite difficult and took a long time. I basically had to work my way down from head to toe. I am surprised how well all the seams matched up in the end. And she is still perfectly baby safe, once you remove the hair ties.

So, if you like her as much as I do and know a little (or big) girl who would love to play with her, you know where to find her!

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Lauranie said...

Oh MY!! She is SUPER cute!! Awesome job! I hope you are yours have a very Merry Christmas!! Enjoy your day! xo


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