All done! - A little Show and Tell

Looks like I have been cutting it down right to the wire. I started in October (!!!), but just today I finished the last of the handmade Christmas presents I had planned.
Time to relax a little. Hopefully.

So, here are some of the things I have made:

Lot's and lot's of pencil rolls.
The idea to include a note pad is originally from Fishsticksandfries. I modified it a little and added the note pad on the side instead of on top of the pencils. I also didn't use any interfacing/fleece.
Some for boys,

(Don't ask, but Blogger keeps flipping this pic for unknown reasons...)
some for girls,

(The top one in this pic is for Yanic.)

and a couple for my little "lefty" girls. Notice, how the paper pad is on the opposite side!
Isn't it funny?! Neither John or I, nor Yanic for that matter, are left-handed. And along come these twins, and BOTH are left handed. It even says so in their Pre-school "mid term" evaluation ;-)

Then a car-cozy with built in road, fit for Matchbox or Hotwheels. The cars are held in place by 3/4 inch elastic loops.

(It also rolls up nicely. Just like the pencil rolls.)

And, here a super duper totally cool T-shirt quilt, made of some of Yanic's old T-shirts that have some significance to him. I really like how it turned out. In order to keep the jersey from stretching too much I interfaced all the pieces. It worked great.

(This is the quilt top, just before I started making the quilt sandwich.)
And have you ever seen a corner so perfectly mitered???!!!

(For the backing I used an old flannel sheet.)

No! Not, from me you have!
Love how the light and dark blue are making the T-shirt pieces pop. I think Yanic will really like it. This quilt is lap quilt size: 40 x 60 inches. I really like this size for working on. Small enough to handle on my machine but still big enough to make a nice-sized blanket.
The next quilt I will make for him will be from all his Hockey tournement shirts. But, it will be a few years before I can start working on that :-)

So, that's it for now. Tomorrow, I am off to the Mall (the most hated place for me...) to buy last-minute gifts for the ones that do not care too much for handmade presents.

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Lauranie said...

WOW girl!!! That quilt is did a great job...I am sooooo jealous!! Thanks for the interfacing tip, I will have to use that one! I am really liking the size of those pencil rolls, I don't think I've seen them roll up that compact...and what can I say about the little matchbox holder...FABULOUS!! I hope you are enjoying your Christmas Eve...since you are DONE...and I am STILL at it...GAH!! Merry merry girl!!


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