Crafty Summer Series

Update 6/15/09: It has finally become warm enough for the girls to wear their new outfits. So, here are a couple of snap shots:

What can you do with a T-shirt?! Brassy Apple started this fun challenge to see what great ideas everybody can come up with to re-purpose or beautify an old or plain T-shirt. So many Crafters have already submitted links to their awesome projects. Go take a look right here.

My idea is probably not the most original one, but I think the result is pretty cute: of course, again, new outfits for the girls! I used a couple of plain white tank tops, added a ruffle on the bottom and appliqued cut outs from the main fabric onto the front. In addition I made matching shorts using the very easy Butterick pattern B3832.

Unfortunately, I forgot to document the whole process of beautifying the tops. But, found a couple of tutorials, that easily show how to add a ruffle (or skirt) to a plain T-shirt and how to create your own fabric appliques.
So, here are a couple of pictures of the outfits (action shots of the girls wearing them will follow later):


Lale Laubach said...

I love your summery very cute! Your applique is so neat also, mine always has a few kinks around the bends...8 ) Very nice!

Megan said...

PERFECT fabric for those applique! Adorable! and your satin stitching looks wonderful too!

thanks for joining in and sharing with us! Next challenge to be posted on monday!! :)

Lauranie said...

Your girls have GOT to be the best dressed kids on the block! Again another sweet outfit that has inspired me to try one of my soon as I'm finished with the other 30 things of yours I want to try! GO ON VACATION ALREADY! :D

Ashley said...

Thanks for the link! The outfit is SO cute!

michellejohnnie said...

Oh so darling!!!

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

absolutely adorable!


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