Abbey Jacket

A little while ago I purchased the Abbey Jacket pattern from Shwin & Shwin designs. It looked so cute in red on that little girl on the pattern cover, that I wanted to try it.

I made size 6 for the girls.

The fit was good; only had to take a couple of inches off the sleeves and length of the jacket. As you can see, I opted for a different closure and also added a ruffle on the bottom.

The jacket is made from fleece and is not lined, and that's the reason I will not make another one of these. I was especially bugged by how the collar attaches to the jacket. It doesn't provide a nice and neat finish. So, I covered the seam up with bias tape. It looks okay now, but I am still not loving it.
The girls like the jackets, since they are so soft and comfy. The flowers and ruffles help, too ;-)

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Lauranie said...

Whoa...tell us what you REALLY think! teehee! I think they are adorable...and you really know how to "make it work"!! sorry you didn't like the pattern :(


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