Wanna know ....?!

...why it's been so boring around here???!!!
This is the reason:

About a month ago I accepted an order for ONE THOUSAND (1,000!) name tags to be used at a Women's conference in August.
Yes, ONE THOUSAND! That's 1,000 felt flowers, 1,000 tule circles, 1,000 2 inch fabric circles, 1,000 1.5 inch fabric circles, 1,000 1 inch felt circles, 834 yards of ribbon, 112 sheets of 9x12 stiffened felt, 1,000 pieces of 1x3 card stock, 12 weeks of work.
All I can say is: This is my first and last whole sale order. I am working in batches of 250 at a time. The second one is almost complete. So, I am only half way done. I love layering the flowers and sewing them onto the felt. My least favorite part?!: sewing the cardstock onto the felt.

Because of this huge project I have very little time to sneak in any other sewing or crafting. Much to my dismay. So, here are just a couple of things I quickly made this weekend.

Inspired, by a recent project shown on SYTYC, I modified some of our hand towels to make them "stick" to the hanger. Three strips of 2 inch long velcro and a pretty felt ruffle later, here is the way our towels look and "stick" now! No more wet, crunched up towels on the floor! The ruffle is covering the areas where the velcro is sewn on the other side.

And Mother's Day is coming up. I found an easy way to make really pretty cards for my Mom and MIL.

In case you would like to try it, here is how I did it: I took an 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of cardstock, printed "Happy Mother's Day" onto it. Cut a 2 inch x 12 inch strip of bright flowery fabric, ruffled it and sewed it onto the card. After that just fold it in half.

Happy Crafting.
Until later.


Mari said...

Wow...those are some lovely name cards and one serious ambitious undertaking! Good luck!

Stephanie said...

...iss ja irre, was für ein auftrag...wäre schon verzweifelt...

Lauranie said...

VERY impressive!! Great job on finishing girl...you sure have the patience and perseverance that is enviable!!!


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