Lots of Patchy Scarfs

I am making progress on my Christmas Gifts List. I mean, I am no where close to being done, but it's nice to at least mark off a couple of things:

I started making a few patchy scarfs, for the shop, for the girls and some as gifts. The ones for the shop have nice cozy pockets:

Anika's and Kordula's are made from Michelle's Shade Garden fabric and have cute little owl appliques. I also added a loop for hanging them:

And here a couple of Christmas gifts with Valori Wells' Olive Rose Posies in two different shades:

I really like making these. They are relatively quick to sew up and I am in love with this super soft fabric I found at Joann. It's called "Soft & Fluffy" and comes in white, brown, fuchsia, light blue and black at our store. It's much, much softer than fleece or minky fabric. You should try it.
If you are planning on making these kind of scarfs yourself, I found that for the child sizes a finished width of 4.5" and length of about 56" is optimal. My adult sizes are 6.5" wide and 60" long (width of the backing fabric).


Kimara@weefolkart said...

These scarfs are just so darn cute! How perfect the pockets are for little hands and "stuff"! I'll be linking to them on WFA's FaceBook.

Lauranie said...

Oooh, I love the pockets!! And I have some of that super soft fabric!! Maybe...I only wish it would get cold enough here for scarves! I've knitted everyone in my family one...my mom and sister wear theirs, but the kids just use them for ropes, pulls, various other "tie things up" games!! Maybe a scrappy fabric scarf will be used more....hmmmm...


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